Job Status

Job Status lists all jobs currently in progress.

Status Explanation
Running The job is currently executing.
Idle The job has begun but is not currently executing. This is most commonly due to waiting on an executor for some stage of the job.

CI Nodes

Job executors. In some cases, they may be offline. Nodes may be offline for a variety of reasons, including, in no particular order:

Status Name Description Offline Reason (If any)
Built-In Node the Jenkins controller's built-in node ARM Tester [Bare Metal] Runs Intel 40G Pipeline [Bare Metal] Runs all Mellanox Pipelines (Serially) [Bare Metal] Runs DPDK tests on FreeBSD 11.2 [VM] This agent is offline because Jenkins failed to launch the agent process on it. Runs DPDK tests on Ubuntu 18.04 [VM] Runs DPDK tests on Ubuntu 18.04 [VM] Runs DPDK tests on Windows Server 2019 [VM] Runs Intel 10G Pipeline [Bare Metal]

CI Job Queue

Jobs which have not begun to execute. A long queue is typically the result of either a spike in patch submissions, or a CI Node being temporarily taken offline for maintenance while still allowing jobs to queue. Jobs may be allowed to queue if a node is expected to only be online for a short time period, typically less than half an hour to prevent any disruption of test coverage.


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