Below is the current CI performance testing status for the patchsets currently active in the DPDK Patchwork instance. Possible statuses are Pending, Waiting, Apply Error, Incomplete, Possible Regression, and Pass. NIC vendors may log in to view detailed performance results for their hardware.

IDVerTitleSubmitter Status [?]
43217 v0 test/compress: limit max number of segments in sgl test Fiona Trahe Apply Error
43216 v0 doc: add graphics to bbdev library documentation Amr Mokhtar Pass
43215 v0 crypto/virtio: fix memory leak Pablo de Lara Pass
43210–43212 v2 examples/l2fwd-crypto: check return value on IV size check Pablo de Lara Pass
43208 v2 mem: poison memory when freed Stephen Hemminger Pass
43207 v2 ip_frag: extend rte_ipv6_frag_get_ipv6_fragment_header() Cody Doucette Pass
43206 v0 drivers/net: fix segfault in secondary process Ferruh Yigit Pass
43205 v0 build: simplify logic for default library dependencies Bruce Richardson Pass
43204 v0 kvargs: fix building with meson outside source tree Bruce Richardson Pass
43203 v0 build: remove duplicate checks for cflags Bruce Richardson Pass
43202 v0 baseband/turbo_sw: update Turbo driver for FlexRAN 1.6.0 Amr Mokhtar Pass
43201 v2 ethdev: change vtune profiling approach None Pass
43200 v0 event/octeontx: remove unnecessary port start and stop in Rx adapter Pavan Nikhilesh Pass
43199 v2 app/eventdev: use proper teardown sequence Pavan Nikhilesh Pass
43198 v2 devtools: add compressdev tests to test-build Pablo de Lara Pass
43197 v0 devtools: remove NFP from test-build Pablo de Lara Pass
43196 v0 malloc: don't skip pad on free Burakov, Anatoly Pass
43195 v0 mem: poison memory when freed Stephen Hemminger Pass
43194 v2 devtools: fix symbol check for filename with space Thomas Monjalon Pass
43189 v0 sched: add 64-bit counter retrieval API Alan Dewar Pass
43188 v0 examples/l3fw-power: do not exit on power lib init failure Radu Nicolau Pass
43187 v5 net/bonding: fix slave add for mode 4 Radu Nicolau Pass
43183 v0 net/bonding: fix invalid port id error Radu Nicolau Pass
43178 v0 devargs: fix devargs truncation when format string is used Andrew Rybchenko Pass
43174–43175 v0 test/hash: fix multiwriter with non consecutive cores Pablo de Lara Pass
43172 v0 mempool: check for invalid args on creation Pablo de Lara Pass
43169–43170 v0 common/qat: add sgl header Fiona Trahe Apply Error
43168 v0 eal: fix bitmap documentation Jerin Jacob Pass
43167 v3 test: fix incorrect return types Reshma Pattan Pass
43156–43165 v5 autotest: fix printing Reshma Pattan Pass
43154 v0 mem: fix static analysis warning Anatoly Burakov Pass
43153 v0 event/octeontx: prefetch mbuf instead of wqe Pavan Nikhilesh Pass
43151 v0 maintainers: update for szedata2 PMD Matej Vido Pass
43128 v0 app/testpmd: fix logically dead code Kevin Laatz Pass
43127 v4 test: add sample functions for packet forwarding Jananee Parthasarathy Pass
43124 v4 vfio: fix workaround of BAR0 mapping Takeshi Yoshimura Pass
43123 v3 test: add unit tests for bitrate library Jananee Parthasarathy Pass
43122 v4 rte_ring: clarify preemptible nature of ring algorithm Honnappa Nagarahalli Pass
43119 v0 ixgbe: wait longer for link after fiber MAC setup Matthew Smith Pass
43118 v0 test: ensure EAL flags autotest works properly on BSD Anatoly Burakov Pass
43116 v0 examples/exception_path: fix possible out-of-bounds read Bruce Richardson Pass
43102 v0 test: fix prefix discovery Burakov, Anatoly Pass
43100 v12 devtools: alert on new instances of rte_panic and rte_exit Arnon Warshavsky Apply Error
43091 v0 net/mlx5: fix compilation issues on old kernels Moti Haimovsky Pass
43090 v0 hash table: add a bucket iterator function Qiaobin Fu Pass
43089–43087 v0 net/sfc: move Rx checksum offload check to device level Andrew Rybchenko Pass
43082 v2 net/bnx2x: move SPDX tags to source files Rasesh Mody Pass
43080 v3 eal/service: improve error checking of coremasks Van Haaren, Harry Pass
43055–43063 v4 examples/vm_power: add check for port count David Hunt Pass
43053 v0 net/mlx5: fix representors detection Nelio Laranjeiro Apply Error

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